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About Invicta

Invicta stands for invincible, and finds its founding in the Swiss La Chaux-de-fund, by Raphael Picard. Invicta made its first watches with the idea that Swiss timepieces can also be affordable.

Men's watches by Invicta


Dynamic Scattered LCD

The first useful displays of this type were developed in the laboratories of Optel, Microma and Texas Instruments in 1967. The first application as display in a wrist watch was achieved by the Swiss 'Société des Garde Temps' in 1972. The construction of such a LCD will briefly be discussed.

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Invicta Second Life comic

A while ago I came across this comic on Pierre Greutert's website. Pierre is a watchmaker in Switzerland. With permission I may share this on this website. Originally this was in French, translation into English was provided by me.

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Invicta vintage collection 35113

Invicta has a very long history. When you look at the logo of today you will also see that it is shown off with the almost 200 years old history. That is not illogical, because it is not easy to exist that long.Invicta Europe (Invicta's European division) has been working on a special project in recent months. They want to re-release a chronograph made in the 1960s. A re-issue.

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Invicta 1953 pro diver

At the Dutch Watch Forum there was a special purchase campaign for this beautiful watch. It is Invicta's approach to the first Rolex Submariner. Is design really a success and for Europe it is still possible to order this as a pre-order.

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Repair of an old Invicta (1)

Old watches are often fragile due to age and in many cases also due to the building construction. This is also the case with this old trenchwatch that is around 100 years old. This watch needs a thorough cleaning and has a wheel with a number of broken teeth. This watch has been sent to a watchmaker in Belgium, to Brunod, who may be able to make new teeth or perhaps even a new wheel.

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What should you look out when buying a vintage Invicta

Nowadays you see more and more vintage watches on social media. There are several pages and also YouTube channels that talk about vintage watches. But what should you look out for when buying a vintage watch or in this case a vintage Invicta? On Ebay, Chrono24 and other markets, prices are very varied. Because of this, it may just be that you are doing a mischief or paying too much for a watch. Before you buy, these are the most important things to know. That's why I'm going to give you a few tips in this blog before you go hunting for that one watch!

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Invicta handwinder chronograph 4728

Today a review of the Invicta 4728. This is a nice, affordable and good quality watch. Incidentally, the Invicta 4728 is currently no longer manufactured either, so it can sometimes be more difficult to come by. In a watch world where it is very often about the specifications of watches. Timepiece, dimensions or brand prestige, it is surprisingly rare to find a watch that requires none of these considerations. When this watch was still being manufactured it was not the most expensive watch. Typically this watch was offered in the Invicta store about 150 to 200 dollars some 15 years ago. With this we can state that it is a beautiful, affordable and high-quality watch. Above all, this is a watch that makes me smile.

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Opening Invicta Roosendaal - The Netherlands

The time has finally come, a second Invicta brand store has been opened in the Netherlands. As an Invicta fan I was of course also at this opening to view the store. All the more reason to write a short report with photos about it.

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S1 Concept

Invicta S1 Concept Skeleton Automatic 2284 is a treat if you like skeleton watches, especially because in this version you see the entire timepiece in all its glory of ticking gears, moving wheels and mains springs that come to rest. Custom skeleton watches from Switzerland are usually made in small series because they require specialized hand production techniques that remove much of the non-essential metal from the timepiece movement. Add to this process the engraving, gold plating or gold treatment and unique design elements ... and you understand how a creation of Ulysses Nardin called "The Freak" can cost more.

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