Invicta's history

Published on 14 July 2019 at 10:00

How Invicta started is still a difficult question for many. Many watch collectors are of the opinion that the current Invicta that is located in America has little to do with the Vintage Invictas that you encounter on EBay, Chrono24, etc. But is this really true and what path has Invica been going through all those years? out? With these kinds of questions in mind, I look for the roots of this brand.

When you search the history of Invicta on Google, you can read on various blogs and websites that it started with R. Picard in the 19th century. In the end this brand disappeared from view because of the quarterly crisis in the 70s and a restart was made in the 90s. But what I'm curious about (and hope you too) what exactly happened in all those years that Invicta has to exist. To get more clarity about this, I went to the place where it started, La Chaux-de-Fonds. I contacted a well-known local museum, Muséé international d'horlogerie. I asked them for more information about the history of Invicta, but also if they have information about the watches that have been manufactured in earlier times. I have had to wait a while, but I finally received their answer.

In an email I received various documents about the models of watches that Invicta has made. In addition, copies of articles about the history of this brand. But also a document about the watches that this museum owns. In total this museum has around 50 vintage Invicta watches. It is a lot of work to read all at once. In addition, the copies are not all of high quality, probably due to age. The next thing I will do is to contact Invicta itself, both the American and the European branch. But more about that next time!



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