History (2) before the quarts crisis

Published on 7 August 2019 at 18:09

In my previous blog I wrote that I received a number of documents about the history of Invicta from musee de l'horlogerie. These documents deal with various issues, such as the history of history, with regard to the content of various lines that Invicta had throughout history, but also with regard to auctions of antique pieces.

I start from the beginning. Invicta was founded by Raphael Picard in 1837, in the town of La chaux-de-Fonds. This place has been known for a long time for its watch business. Especially for the quarter crisis, this was a very important place for various well-known brands. Invicta is a Latin word meaning invincible and was founded by Picard with the idea of ​​selling Swiss watches at a reasonable price. In the past two centuries, Invicta watches have been known for its robustness and quality at a low price.

This can be seen in the timepieces. Invicta used solid timepieces from Landeron, Adolf Schild, FHF, ETA and other timepieces from well-known timepiece manufacturers. In addition to the reliability of the timepiece, the watches themselves were also robust and well-finished, and I'm not even talking about the use of material. Invicta not only produced in the low class segment, but used different types of material. Steel, chromed brass, but also 18 carat solid gold watches. There is much more to write about here, especially when we also treat the pocket watches, but that will come another time.

Originally Invicta only had its name printed on the watches. But because they also started experimenting with other collections, a distinction had to be made between the collections. The first logo that we often encounter is the well-known IV logo as on the image above. This logo is not found on the oldest wristwatches, it was used from around the 1950s, but was registered as a logo in 1911. Another time I will elaborate further on the logos used in both the vintage and modern models.

As you already notice, there is quite a bit to look at when it comes to the history of Invicta. The use of different timepieces, where a distinction can still be made in different ways. Namely pocket watches (some of which are in-house) or wrist watches (modern or vintage). The material used and how it is finished. Logos that are used and of course also the different collections. But these things (and many others) will have to be discussed at a different time.

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