History (3) after the quarts crisis

Published on 12 August 2019 at 11:51

In the previous blogs I have given a short summary about the history of Invicta before the Quartz crisis. When I talk to people, you tubers, influencers who think they are experts in the watch industry, it strikes me that they know a little about the established brands. But not much about the small "Swiss" brands that have often disappeared in the course of history.

When talking about Invicta then it is often about the size and designs of recent watches. It is true that Invicta currently has many watches in its collection that are 45 millimeters or larger. When Invicta was taken over by Americans, it is not the case that Invicta immediately started the current trend for large watches. Invicta has always been a brand that follows fashion. For example, their vintage watches are often between 33-36 mm, which was the norm at the time. Over the years we see that this is changing. Today, 40 mm or above is a normal size. For fashion brands it can even be bigger. You can easily find watches of 43 millimeters or larger with this type of brand. Now back to the Quartz crisis. As mentioned, Invicta was taken over by Americans. Invicta immediately started experimenting with Swiss quartz timepieces.

If you have an Invicta from that time period (90s) then it is striking that these are mostly quarts watches. A trend that you can still see in their current line. Of course, it is not the case that Invicta completely stopped using mechanical timepieces. Because there are plenty of mechanical watches from this era. Like this chrono with a Valjoux 7750 in it.

Many old Vintage Invictas are dress watches and sometimes also in precious metals such as gold. These types of models also continued to be made and also in gold, but with a quartz movement.

hese years can be considered as a transition period. Invicta that passed from an era of mostly neat watches with mechanical timepieces, to a period of pronounced trendy sports watches. If you look closely then you could already see some of its features. Dials are decorated much more often. You often come across the familiar angular cupboards with sharp lines. Invicta started experimenting more with the shapes of the cabinets. It had to get a sporty, fresh look.

Regarding size, you can see that they are considerably larger than their mechanical predecessors. For men you can find many watches that are between 36 and 43 millimeters. Last. How do you know that you have an Invicta that comes from this time? That is usually fairly easy. Invicta used a certain logo that appeared on almost every watch.

You will hardly find this logo on older models, and hardly on the new ones. So if you have an Invicta with this logo, then you can almost be sure that your watch will change from the 90s to the century.

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