Invicta Saphire Ghost

Published on 31 August 2019 at 09:07

Invicta is known to me for making interesting watches. Whether it's a men's or a women's, it's always spectacular. Today I received a very special watch from someone I would like to share with you!

Everyone knows that sapphire is the hardest mineral after the diamond. Nowadays, sapphires are commonly found in watches of a higher caliber. They then use synthetic sapphire. The advantage of sapphire compared to mineral and Plexiglas is that it has a higher hardness and therefore scratches less quickly. The disadvantage is that it can break much faster compared to traditional Plexiglas (whether or not tempered). While a watch with sapphire glass does not scratch easily, you must be careful not to accidentally break it. But how do you recognize the difference between mineral and sapphire glass? That is fairly easy. You take the watch with mineral glass in one hand and the watch with sapphire in the other and place it on the forehead. The sapphire glass feels cooler than mineral and plexiglass.

The case of this watch is unusually designed. Usually you do not see watches that have sapphire on all sides. It is clear men's watch with its 42 millimeters. But with a watch that can almost go on as jewelry, this is not a very big problem. With a height of 13 it is also not easy to hide under the cuff. This watch asks to be seen. This watch has a smooth crown with the Invicta reserve logo.

The most interesting are the sides. You can easily see the beautiful timepiece because of its naked design. This is a fully skeletonized watch, this means that there are no scales and the timepiece is fully visible.

There are only three hands - hour, minute and second. The hour and minute hands are made of steel. An indices are engraved for every hour on the internal sapphire plate. The sapphire glass on the outside is slightly curved and, as far as I know, without anti-reflection. Because of the bulging of this watch, this watch fits perfectly around the wrist. This is a Swiss timepiece. On the back you can find all information about this watch. The back also gives a look at the view. The view offers a view of the beautiful timepiece.

The timepiece is central to this watch. Because of the sapphire, it looks like the timepiece is floating in this watch. The basis of this timepiece is a Sellita SW200-1 which, according to Invicta, has been adapted to its own Caliber, the 11283.

This watch comes with a thick leather strap, brown with gray stitching. It is lined with red leather, which you don't usually see but which gives it a unique look. The butterfly buckle is polished and decorated with Invicta text and logo.

What else can I say about this watch. Beautiful design. Too bad they don't make this anymore. Invicta has patent on this design, so they are the only one who may manufacture it. It is really an eye catcher. Lots of glass, the timepiece. This watch not only attracts you but others as well.

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