Invicta handwinder chronograph 4728

Published on 27 December 2019 at 10:31

Today a review of the Invicta 4728. This is a nice, affordable and good quality watch. Incidentally, the Invicta 4728 is currently no longer manufactured either, so it can sometimes be more difficult to come by.
In a watch world where it is very often about the specifications of watches. Timepiece, dimensions or brand prestige, it is surprisingly rare to find a watch that requires none of these considerations. When this watch was still being manufactured it was not the most expensive watch. Typically this watch was offered in the Invicta store about 150 to 200 dollars some 15 years ago. With this we can state that it is a beautiful, affordable and high-quality watch. Above all, this is a watch that makes me smile.

Review of the Invicta 4728

With regard to sporty watches, I believe that it can sometimes be very difficult to find a nice sporty watch that also has a chronograph function in it. You can usually find them for this price in a quarts version, but when it comes to a mechanical one then you often have to search the vintage market.



The case of this watch is made of steel with black accents. To get this black color, a PVD coating was used. The diameter is 44 millimeters, for some this may be too large on the wrist. But personally I have no problem with this size. The large dial and the narrower, polished bezel help the watch to catch the eye. With a case thickness of 14.5 mm, it is certainly not thin. Although of course there is no quartz movement in it. The distance from lug to lug is 48 millimeters, making it look relatively compact. Because these lugs fall slightly bent over the wrist, this also ensures that it sits comfortably on the wrist.


At first glance, the dial appears dark gray, black or very dark blue. But when wearing this watch it will quickly become apparent that there are many more colors in this watch face. Green, purple, and red. This is because it is made of mother-of-pearl in light incidence and can change color. Furthermore, this watch has standard indices with Arabic numeral at the 12 o'clock position.
The left small dial is for the seconds, while the right shows the minutes when the chronograph function is used. The lower one indicates the hours of the day.
It fits completely in the style of this watch, it looks totally sporty, but a bit too busy for my taste. But this watch can have that. This watch has sapphire glass which is not anti-reflective. This is not a major problem, but it is sometimes difficult to take photos.
There is a black metal bezel on this watch with 120 clicks. On the outside of the bezel is a black border with a PVD coating. The bezel has a matte finish, while the Arabic numerals on this are high gloss.


In this watch is a Chinese Seagull handwinder chronograph movement. This is the ST19. This timepiece is based on a Swiss timepiece from the 40s, the Venus Caliber 175. On the back behind the sapphire glass is this beautiful timepiece. This timepiece looks beautiful, beautiful blue screws and some parts are finished with Swiss stripes.


For the money this watch is perfectly finished. There is a simple metal strap on it. The central links on this strap are black PVD coated. The end link is solid, it is not particularly finished but functional. That can actually be said for the rest of this watch. It all feels very solid. The finish is fine, but not high quality. The specifications are on the back of this watch.


End verdict

In conclusion, it is best to review such a watch because mechanical snobberie does not matter. It doesn't matter that this watch uses a relatively modest timepiece, nor that it comes from one where thoughts are divided. What it delivers is fantastic enjoyment for a fair price.

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