Repair of an old Invicta (1)

Published on 7 March 2020 at 13:30

Old watches are often fragile due to age and in many cases also due to the building construction. This is also the case with this old trenchwatch that is around 100 years old. This watch needs a thorough cleaning and has a wheel with a number of broken teeth. This watch has been sent to a watchmaker in Belgium, to Brunod, who may be able to make new teeth or perhaps even a new wheel.

After inspection, Brunod discovered that he cannot copy a completely new wheel, so the old one must be repaired. This process also comes with its risks, there is a chance that the original wheel will be lost.
It must also be made of steel in order to survive the power of winding, but silver soldering is not about not damaging the "temper" of the wheel and the steel becoming too soft.
It seems that other teeth are also slightly damaged. It is necessary to look at the other wheel that is working with it to know if, apart from the damaged teeth, the other teeth are still working properly.
To replace a piece it must be very tight, so find a good shape to be sure it will stay strong ...

But even with a new wheel this watch would not run, Brunod saw several other problems that should be solved
Of the spring barrel with a click problem, and a screw too large that scratches the lid. Until the balance, which fortunately is not broken, but it does not move freely and the hands are so damaged that it would be dangerous to take it off.

To get this watch working again you have to look at the springs, click and screws.
The spring barrel screw that turns against the lid ensures that this watch runs irregularly.
The repairs will ensure that the original parts may change or be modified. Not everything has been taken apart, so even more problems can come to light.
There is also the chance that a pointer breaks off because they are very fragile.
Firstly, this watch is completely dismantled, receives a major cleaning and an inventory is made of all the problems.

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