Repair of an old Invicta (2)

Published on 18 March 2020 at 10:00

Watch is almost completely apart. The snap screw must be adjusted to make it. The click screw holds the click in place with the dial washer.

The spring barrel screw seems to be too high and therefore hits the rear lid. The wheels do turn, but the balance is too tight to turn. It is not yet clear whether this is due to the dirt or because the anchor hits the balance.

The screw that keeps everything in place, the tirette plate, had to have a conical screw, but it has also been replaced by a flat one that is also higher.

The hands eventually came off the dial unscathed. The next step is to give all parts a bath.

A watch doesn't have to be so dirty to have problems. When dust or hair gets on the anchor or around the small pointer, it is enough to slow down or stop the barrel.

Below you see photo of the machine where everything goes.

The flat screws that touch the lid may need to be adjusted to lower.

There are scratches on the spring barrel wheel and the “soleillage” is almost suspected. These will be carefully made less. There are also rough scratches on the inside of the lid. They cannot completely disappear, but can be made lighter.

The dial with the radium numbers and hands will be as original as possible. When the radium of the dial decreases completely it would look something like this.

It has been decided to leave the dial as original as possible. The hands were slightly crooked and will be straightened. The dial will also be cleaned.

Next time, the repair of a wheel in the movement.

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