Invicta vintage collection 35113

Published on 25 October 2020 at 10:22

Vintage at its best!

Invicta has a very long history. When you look at the logo of today you will also see that it is shown off with the almost 200 years old history. That is not illogical, because it is not easy to exist that long.

Invicta Europe (Invicta's European division) has been working on a special project in recent months. They want to re-release a chronograph made in the 1960s. A re-issue.

The original from the 60s has a chromed case, is 37 millimeters in diameter and inside is a Landeron 49. For that time, of course, a great watch. But adjustments have been made for the current standard. The model itself has remained the same. The case is a little bit bigger at 40 millimeters. No plexiglass and flamefusion instead. The re-issue now also includes a reliable mechaquartz Seiko movement. This is a significant upgrade from the original. All this was done without compressing on the vintage look and feel.

This watch is currently still in production. Will be released later this year. Invicta has already announced that this watch will also receive an attractive price. And in the coming weeks you can pre-order on the Invicta Europe website. Therefore, keep an eye on the website if you are interested in this, because it would be a limited edition, just like the Pro Diver 1953!

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